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Mobility Solutions

There are many situations where you or your clients require internet connectivity that can not be done with wired solutions. Mobile Broadband is the most cost effective solution for nationwide connectivity to the internet. it-iQ has solutions to connect devices and services to the internet as well as provide voice solutions to allow for the extension of the Telco mobile networks.

  • Data telemetry can simplify and speed-up the acquisition of critical information from remote locations.

    M2M (Telemetry)

  • There are many permanent and mobile situations where Mobile Broadband solutions can be installed.

    Mobile Internet

  • Hardware installations of mobile broadband routers, EFTPOS, antennas and cameras.

    On-site Installations

  • Mobile Broadband allows you to record/monitor remote areas for activity from fishing conditions to poaching.

    Remote Surveillance

  • Best solution to increase coverage for Voice/Data when you have intermittent to low coverage at your location.

    Mobile Voice infill coverage

  • Managing mobile gateways in the field simplified with cloud tool to configure, deploy and manage your devices.

    Management Service

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