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Mobile Coverage Mapping

There are basic tools available on the Internet that tell us what the theoretical coverage is at a certain location. This helps get an idea of coverage. Together with local knowledge of users that want coverage we can get an idea of what needs to be isntalled in the way of hardware to get the best connection at that location.

There are lots of factors to consider like geographic location (hills, valleys), buildings and other structures in the area and the likes. Below are the links to the main Telcos in NZ. It is important to know that these coverage maps are theoretical and based on a size antenna that is build in a mobile phone. Using external antennas in a clear line of sight to the Telco tower and the size / direction of this antenna will make a huge difference to whether there is going to be a reliable connection or not at the location. At it-iQ we have build a database of where all the Telco towers are and where most of these are pointing to. Some towers are directional to cover for instance a motorway, others are omni directional to cover a village or rural area. You will find that most towers in the rural areas are located on hills to get the best possible reach.

Site Survey

For some installations, especially ones that in very low to no coverage, the location needs to be tested to make sure a solution can be put together with the approriate hardware. it-iQ has installed solutions that are robust in areas that show white (no coverage) on the Telco maps. This was due to using appropriate antennas and hardware to get the best results.


For some solutions there needs to be a clear idea of what is available in the way of reception before a mobile solution is put together. We can map an area based on actual data and present this on a map with actual numbers and internet speeds if needed. For this we use data from Spark about the appropriate towers and handheld tools to get accurate information about antenna placement and signal information.

Coverage Maps

For network coverage maps of:

For more information about Mobile Coverage mapping, please contact us.

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