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Mobile Internet

There are many locations where internet access is required. Examples of these are:

  • Pump Stations connecting to treatment plant for management and control
  • Installation in public services vehicles for critical data transfer
  • Temporary installations on building sites
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) installations for factories in case fixed line fails
  • EFTPOS installations on fairs and shows like weekend markets and field days
  • WiFi hotspots for temporary work groups like auditors or RFI teams
  • Remote access to IT core systems from field days or POP-up stores
  • Installation on vehicles for sales force or technical employees
  • Access to internet from Shipping vessels
  • Geograpically remote locations like Park Rangers needing internet access
  • Hotels and lodges that are in remote places
  • Caravans and campervans on the move or permanently located
  • Portable solutions for bach / cribs and pleasure boats
  • Temporary installations awaiting fixed lines installations

There are many more examples. it-iQ have installed all the above examples in large numbers over the years.
Other areas that are gaining interest are security solutions and the Internet Of Things (IoT).

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