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Mobile Voice infill coverage

New Zealand is a large place that has people spread over vast distances. Also, geographically, as beautiful as it is, mobile signals do not get to all places in NZ.

Mobile does a great job at getting to a large area where the majority of the population lives. but even in you live in a city, there are areas that have low coverage, resulting in dropped calls and missed text messages.

There are a number of solutions to resolve these depending on a number of factors. One of these is what network are the users on that need connectivity and the other is how many people need access to this service.

Broadly there are 3 options:

  • Passive cradle connected to external antenna, works best with one phone only. Mobile phone stays in one place and can be tethered to a DECT portable phone for increased range around the building. Most cost effective solution.
  • Mobile repeater that works for a large coverage area and for multiple users. Relatively easy to setup depending on existing coverage. If coverage is very low, an exernal antenna can be used to get the best incoming signal. Mid range cost.
  • Mobile booster that picks up the external signal and boosts this to the location where the signal is needed and the other way around. most costly options.

Not all options are available from all Telco's. The 2nd and 3rd option can only be used if they are approved by the appropriate telco.

For more information about Mobile Voice infill solutions, please contact us.

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