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On-site Installations

Over the years we have installed a large variety of solutions nationwide. These range from internet connectivity for small business to large fleet (600+ vehicles) hardware supply.

We have access to coverage detail and tools to install WiFi bridges, mobile broadband gateways and antennas as well as voice coverage solutions. Most of these require configuration and installation on site using the best harware and knowledge to get the fastest and robust installation.

it-iQ also works with large fleet operators for Mobile hardware installation and maintanance. We have installers nationwide for fleet installaton and maintanance.

Here are a few samples to give an indication of the variety of installations done:

Above: Mobile data VPN link back from remote processing plant temporary office buildings to corporate Core IT network.

Above: Installation of Spark Free WiFi hardware in all North Island Spark Branches.

Above: DR installation for Supermarkets in case fixed line fails.

Above: Mobile broadband connection for Auckland Council Park rangers.

Above: Installation hardware and antennas for Voice for all Sanford Fishing Vessels.

Above: Installation of comms for the Fuels Ships for NZ.

Above: Installation of External antennas for Cisco HWIC's for North Island Gas Recompression Stations for remote operations control.

Above: Countless Mobile Broadband installations in rural and very ofter very remote locations around beautiful New Zealand

Above: Supply Mobile Broadband hardware, including for all NZ ambulances.

Above: Installation of hardware and antennas for Mobile Broadband Voice and data for the Auckland Coastguard.

We have also installed:

  • WiFi bridges
  • WiFi mesh systems
  • Voice Infill Coverage for Mobile phones
  • Remote FAX machines
  • Numerous installations on temporary work sites like portacoms for voice and data
  • mobile broadband for caravans
  • mobile broadband for sailing ships and yachts
  • Supply to Auckland Rescue Helicopters
  • Supply to St Johns Ambulances

For more information about On-site installations, please contact us.

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