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WiFi Installations

There are several ways WiFi solutions can be used:

Area coverage

WiFi is very useful to cover an area where network access is required. This is very cost effective as there are no on-going costs involved. An area can be covered using multiple Access Points (AP's) to make sure that there are no areas that do not have connectivity. This can be good in warehouses or factories where cabling is problematic or vehicles and users that are on the move all the time.

WiFi Bridge

WiFi can be used to bridge between two networks. For instance one building with a network and internet access has another building connect to it so it also can access the internet. This can be a factory connecting to the office building, or a milking shed to the main home. Discances of 5Km can be bridged although the longer the distance, the lower the connection speeds get.

One example of a WiFi bridge is this; picture a factory in a valley where there is no internet connectivity. Not by wire or wireless. On a high hill next to factory is strong Mobile Broadband signal but this does not reach the valley. A mast can be installed with a solar panel and batteries on the hill. Then a Mobile Broadband router to connect to the internet using a Telco. On the other side are two WiFi access points, one on the hill and one in the factory that are setup as a bridge. When the Access point on the hill is connected to the mobile broadband router, the factory has internet access!

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