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Need Internet access in other building …

Posted almost 5 years ago by Bodo in Finished Projects

With the Internet being such a persuasive tool for many users and businesses, the need to connect at fast reliable speeds is becoming more and more important as more services are hosted on the web. There are still places where Internet over the fixed phone line is not available. If it is, often Internet is not available in the whole residence for other services like working from home office, connecting other family members or workers to the internet, smart TV internet access, etc. In other cases there can be great Internet access in the main building but outbuildings have no access to the Internet.

it-iQ has installed Internet access to many homes and offices where there is no Internet coming in over the traditional cable. This comes in over the telco mobile network and is often installed with external antennas if the reception is low to increase speed and stability. We use great tools to get an estimate of what result can be expected based on previous installations in the area and coverage maps etc. Just ask us for more detail for your area.

For locations that have great Internet access but need Internet in other rooms of the same building or in outbuildings on the same property, buildings like home offices, milking sheds, minor dwellings or man caves etc, we can install cost effective solutions that have no ongoing running costs.

This above is all for access to the Internet. What if you have low or no cell phone coverage in your home or office and you get a lot of missed calls and txt’s resulting in lost business opportunities. We have elegant solutions available for increasing cell phone coverage at your location so that you can be contactable and responsive to the people you need to communicate with.

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